About Us

We are the leading job provider in sugar industry operating in India. We serve as a bridge between sugar industry and the job seekers who are looking to get the job in this industry. The Sugar Industry is one of the foremost industries of India and amid the agro based processing industries it ranks second in India. Today, India has 453 operating sugar mills in different parts of the country. Among, those 252 mills are from cooperative sector and 134 mills from private sector. The total market capitalization of the Indian sugar industry is Rs. 500 billion per annum. Indian sugar companies are established in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, TamilNadu, AndhraPradesh and for socio-economic development in rural areas the sugar industry has always been a focal point. Thus, sugar industry has created plenty of employment opportunities in rural India. About 5 lakh rural people have been engaged by the sugar industry.

Our Mission -

To make way feasible among the sugar industry and job seekers who aspires to get the job in this industry.

Our Vision -

To sustain the sugar industry as one of the top industries of India by fulfilling its employment requirement along with this, to aid job seekers who wish to make a career in sugar industry

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