Job Detaiils

Job opportunities in Sugar Industry-

There is the incredible scope for various courses available and the job opportunities for them are given below:
• For Sugar Technology-Manufacture (Shift) Chemists, Laboratory Incharge, Chief Chemists, Technologists etc., in sugar industry and other departments dealing with sugar.
• For Sugar Engg.- Shift/Assistant Engineer, Chief Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Production Engineer, etc., in sugar industry and departments with sugar.
• D.I.F.A.T (Diploma Course in Industrial Fermentation and Alcohol Technology) - Supervisory Chemist, Chief Chemist, Works Manager, Distillery Manager etc. in distilleries, brewery and other fermentation industries.
• Certificate Course in Sugar Boiling- Panman, Head Panman, Laboratory Chemist etc. in sugar factories
• Certificate Course in Pre-harvest Cane Maturity Survey -Supervisor, Inspector etc. in cane departments of sugar factories.
• Sugar technologists can be employed in sugar factories, alcoholic or non- alcoholic production plants or sugar research labs

The major recruiters in the sugar industry are IFFCO and National Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories.

Top companies are-

Shree Renuka, Bajaj Hind, Balrampur Chini, EID Parry, Triveni Engg, Dhampur Sugar, Mawana Sugars, Oudh Sugar Mill, DCM Shriram Ind, Dalmia Sugar, Dwarikesh Sugar, Bannariamman, Upper Ganges, Sakthi Sugars, Andhra Sugar, Uttam Sugar, Rana Sugars, Ugar Sugar Work, Rajshree Sugars, KM Sugar Mills, KM Sugar Mills, Sir Shadi Lal, KCP Sugar, Dharani Sugars, Piccadilly Agro, Thiru Arooran, Gayatri Sugars, India Sucrose, Ponni Sugars(E)etc.

Sugar technology institutes in India-

• B.Sc. Sugar Technology
• B.Tech. Sugar And Alcohol Technology
• Certificate course in Sugar Boiling
• Certificate Course in Sugar Engineering
• Certificate Course in Sugar Manufacture
• M.Sc. Sugar Technology
• Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Fermentation and Alcohol Technology
• Post Graduate Diploma in Sugar Engineering
• Post Graduate Diploma in Sugar Instrumentation Technology
• Post Graduate Diploma in Sugar Technology


An undergraduate or a post-graduate engineering degree in sugar technology is mandatory for jobs at the highest level in the sugar industry. The candidates who are certified with a specialization in a particular aspect or process of sugar production also stand a chance of acquiring jobs in the sugar industry. Candidates with a diploma in Sugar Technology from Polytechnics are also eligible for jobs in the sugar industry. There are many courses in food processing that allow the candidate to take up jobs in the sugar industry as a technologist.

Required Skills

Some of the required skills for a sugar technologist include:

• Understanding of the various manufacturing processes within the industry
• procurement and management of raw materials
• Troubleshooting and analytical skills
• Troubleshooting and analytical skills
• Team leadership, team spirit and team management skills
• Communication and interpersonal skills

Job Description

Some of the responsibilities of the jobs involved in the sugar industry include:

• The analysis of raw material which include molasses and sugar cane.
• Management of sugar production, its by-products, and its end-products
• Research, analysis and management of the entire production unit


As per one’s qualification a beginner can earn Rs, 8000 to Rs, 10,000. With experience and advancement in position one can expect much more. Those who qualify from top institutes like NSI, Kanpur; VSI, Pune are offered placements with salary range from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs per annum. At higher levels the pay may be Rs 6-15 lakh p.a.

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